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The other day I joked to a friend that our new book hadn’t been pirated yet, and I didn’t know if that was bad or good news. *g* Well, as of today its bad news. From another friend, I found out The Moon’s Dirty Light was on a pirate site and had been illegally downloaded 54 times! I sent a DMCA/Copyright violation notice so the site would remove. They haven’t. That’s $323.46 dollars of revenue I’ve lost so far because the file sharing site won’t do the correct legal thing and remove my book.

I know some readers think authors whine about piracy too much. But when you realize that on average each m/m novel only makes $2000 for the author (poll on Reviews by Jessewave), three hundred dollars is a lot of revue to lose. Funny thing is I’d be willing to give away a copy of our book to a minority of readers who asked so they wouldn’t have to steal. What would I want in return? A fair and honest review on either GoodReads or Amazon.


imagesGreat news. Eleanor and I signed a contract today with eXtasy Books for our werewolf book, The Moon’s Dirty Light. We are making it into a series called “Werewolves of Baltimore,” in honor of my hometown! Tentative release date: September 2013. More updates to follow. But for now, here’s the blurb:

Is there ever a good time to tell the man with whom you just had mind blowing sex that you’re a werewolf and, chances are, come the next full moon, he’ll be sporting fur and fangs too?

Police Officer Logan Robinson isn’t sure. Logan’s been in lust with his partner and best friend Dylan Reed for as long as he can remember. But Logan is a werewolf and after accidentally giving his partner the mating bite during sex Dylan will become one too. Dylan is royally pissed when he finds out because Logan conveniently forgot to mention his little affliction until after they’d spent the night humping each other’s brains out. As if turning into a creature of the night wasn’t enough, Logan and he are investigating murders that look suspiciously like dog-attacks, but they’re not.

Finding a killer is tricky enough. Now it will be almost impossible with their personal issues clouding the investigation. And if Dylan does turn into a four-legged freak at the next full moon, the fur will fly.

Excerpt from new werewolf book (NSFW)

indexI’ve always loved sexy werewolves (see picture of Lucien from Underworld).

Since, Eleanor and are are busy finishing up our new werewolf novel, The Moon’s Dirty Light; we’ve decided to post a little excerpt from the prologue. This is not safe for work. More steamy stuff under the cut.

The Moon’s Dirty Light by Eleanor Bruce and H.L. Holston ©2013


Pressing Dylan harder onto the floor with the scent and taste of his partner inflaming all his senses, Logan barely registered what Dylan had said. At this moment, Logan didn’t care that his brain was making the ‘Danger, Will Robinson’ noises, all that he knew was that his body was on fire for Dylan, his animal instincts pushed beyond their bounds as he prepared to fuck his long-time friend. The mating call was stronger and more ferocious than his human nature at that very moment.
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