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New release: Dante vs. the Internet

If you enjoy a good friends-to-lovers and pretend boyfriends plot, then you will love Dante vs. the Internet! For a short time, it’s on SALE for 99 cents (and also available in Kindle Unlimited).


🎭Actor Dante Moretti is a jerk and the Internet hates him. Determined to change his image, he concocts a crazy plan and ropes his best friend into his scheme. One fake relationship coming up!

Up for the lead in the next potential blockbuster, Dante is told to tone it down or miss out on the role of a lifetime.
2 Dante vs. the Internet E-Book Cover
Enter Chris Parker, his best friend and former co-star of a crappy sci-fi television show. Oh, and extremely heterosexual. It’s a minor detail that Dante really hopes doesn’t blow up in his face because he needs a boyfriend NOW and Chris is willing to take on the role.

With the world commenting on his every move, Dante can only hope their #fakeboyfriend plan gets better ratings than their TV show.

LINK: https://amzn.to/3cfnL0O