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Free blog read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 3

If you are still reading, thank you for keeping up with us. We won’t be having a chapter next week as it is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but we will return the following week. Sorry, but this installment sort of ends on a cliffhanger; however, it does have some sexy times, so maybe that makes up for it? *g* Enjoy!

* * *

The quick ride on the elevator upstairs only reinforced Blake’s desire to get Henry alone. The boy was simply beautiful. Out of the darkness of the club, Blake could see the perfectly sculptured body hidden underneath the plain white T-shirt. High cheekbones, golden skin and deep brown eyes completed the package. But despite the beauty, Blake could sense there was another special quality about Henry. Yes, he radiated a vitality that drew people in like a magnet, but he also had a kindness to his soul that Blake hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Delight filled Blake’s heart as he listened to Henry try and make small-talk about growing up on a farm, his apprehension evident in his tone as he stuttered out a childhood story, repeatedly looking to Blake for assurance that his tale wasn’t boring his companion.

Blake was soon caught up in Henry’s stories of his hometown in Nebraska. Plus the nervousness was endearing to Blake. He was used to being with men who were as jaded as him about sex. Henry’s shyness was a big turn-on.
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Free blog book: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 1

My writing partner, Eleanor Bruce and I are going to be posting a 5,000-10,000 word story over the coming weeks as a free read leading up to the publication of our new book by Total E Bound, Doctor, Doctor, due out in late January.

The story is called The Law of the Jungle and is about a shy farm boy from Nebraska and a worldly millionaire playboy in New York City and how they meet. The amazing cover art is by Erin E. Keller. We thank her for doing this for us.

So, one week, I will post between 500-800 words, the next week, Eleanor will be posting and we’ll continue with that until we are done. Since we are in the process of completing this story right now, the plot could change week to week. Therefore, check back at her blog and mine for weekly updates! Comments also help us decide how the story will eventually end up. So, feedback is awesome!

When done we will be putting up as a free read on ARe, Goodreads and Amazon in ebook format. Without further ado, The Law of the Jungle:

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