strengthoftheomega_final5 stars and a Stardust Award from Tina at Redz World Reviews:

“Overall a series I cannot get enough of. Highly recommend it to those who love a good MM paranormal romance. You won’t be disappointed.”




AlphasLaw5 stars and a Recommended Read from Nakin1978 at Gay Book Reviews:

“I actually really liked this book. H.L. Holston and Sara York took this book in a different direction than most shifter books go…This was such an incredible read. As I said there is twists to the book that I did not see coming and I am really hoping that there will be another book.”

4 stars from Freya at Sinfully MM Book Reviews:

“Did I enjoy the story? Yes, I did. Max and Jamie make a delightful pair, and I was rooting for them all the way. The tale was a lesson in overcoming differences and experiencing life from another viewpoint. The shifter universe is an effective backdrop for this type of narrative. It reflects many minority societies that strive for change and to be accepted.”


5 stars from Nakin1978 at Gay Book Reviews:

“This is the first book in this series that I have read. It was an amazing book and I believe that I am going to enjoy this series tremendously. There was mystery. There was danger. There are vampires and shifters. And then there was the biggest twist that I did not see coming.”

4 stars from Nanee at Up All Night, Read All Day Reviews:

“Bartek and Liam are sexy as hell together and they can’t get enough of each other, hot as hell sex scenes. I loved the turn of events and the mysteriousness of this book. Very intriguing and well written.”

4.25 stars from Kevin at Hearts on Fire Reviews:

“I have to say this sequel was probably one of the better ones I have read. I found both the main characters to be likeable and sexy as hell. Add the fact that we reintroduce Logan and Dylan to the mix and you have one hell of a story.”


4.5 Stars from Wave at Reviews by Jessewave

“I loved the werewolf world created by these writers that was outside the norm as they turned every werewolf trope on its head. The writing was fresh and kept me engaged in the story which was full of funny quips and pop culture references from Lon Chaney Jr. to The Six Million Dollar Man, and of course all of the comic book heroes that they could throw in. I had a lot of difficulty reviewing this book with a straight face because I was laughing so hard.

Not your typical werewolf romance and definitely recommended.”

4 1/2 Stars from Barb at Live Your Life, Buy the Book:

“I really enjoyed this book! The whole world, with the Vamp and Were Councils and the peace treaty between the species, was classic paranormal fare…the book didn’t take itself too seriously. It was fun, funny and sexy as anything! Go. Buy the Book. You”ll love it!”

4 stars from Kevin at Hearts on Fire Reviews:

“This is a truly witty and amazing book from these two authors. I found myself on numerous occasions laughing out loud with the one liners supplied by the two main characters. I have to say the story line was quite interesting with the secondary characters…and wit and humor that made this a book for any shifter fan.”

4 1/2 Sweet Peas from Lucky at Mrs. Condit Reads:

“Love my shifters, yadda yadda, been there, done that. You all know the drill by now. This story was a variation for me…Read the book. It’s a very fun ride.”

4 Hearts from Pixie at MM Good Book Reviews:

“I recommend this to everyone who loves shifters, difficult relationships, humor, hot explosive sex, a great storyline and a great ending.”


5 stars from Becca on Goodreads:

This is a good story. I really enjoyed it. It can be read as a stand alone but after reading the blurb for book one, book one helps a little to give more background.  I recommend this for anyone who wants an HEA.


5 stars from Grady Harp, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer:

“Authors HL (Sue/Holly) Holston and AJ (Alma) Burke have teamed to produce a series of short stories/novellas they call ‘Eternal’ of which ETERNALLY TIMELESS is Book 1.

In a matter of a few brief pages these talented writers have created a mystical love story that breathes promises of multiple lives in multiple eras…Mystery, intrigue, fascination, possibilities are all blended with erotic to make this a Christmas story well worth a quiet evening’s read. Watch these ladies grow in importance as authors.”


5 stars from Space Coast Librarian on Amazon:

“Navy regulations about gays serving may have changed, but an officer having an affair with a suborinate will still kill a career. That’s what worries Jack and Gavin most of all. What are they willing to sacrifice for their burgeoning relationship? The sex is hot, but not devoid of emotion. You really want to stand up and cheer for Jack and Gavin before the end. The authors give us two strong characters and an enjoyable story. It’s a well-written, enjoyable follow-up to their previous work.”


5 stars from Nanee at Up All Night, Read All Day Blog:

I thought this story was sweet, sexy and Laugh out Loud funny! I loved these two characters and of course their sweet little dog too. I loved how Dante first tried and talk Chris into this fake boyfriend thing and Chris at first was a no go but as they grow closer …WOW! These two are hot as hell together and so damn sweet, I loved every minute of this book. A lot of sexy, a lot of love and a lot of funny!

4 stars from Lucy at Hearts on Fire Reviews:

By the end, I was pulling for Dante as well as Chris, hoping he’d figure it all out.”


5 stars from Nessa at Nessa’s Book Reviews:

limelight“Each author brought their own brand of spunkiness and seriousness to the stories [in Limelight]… My all time favorite character is Dante [from Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris]. He was cute, funny and just the sweetest thing. When he dropped the ball, he wallowed a little bit, but didn’t let it keep him down for long and went back for the man he loved.”

FTM1m4.25 stars from SheReadsAlot at Hearts on Fire:

“Rockstar romances…they are everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to weed the good ones from the bunch. I found it in writing duo, Sue Holston’s delicious MM Romance Facing the Music. A new pair of authors for me check out I will.”

5 stars from A.A. Katz on Amazon:

“I can’t recommend this highly enough to any reader looking for a fun gay read with realistic characters, situations and sex.”



Tina from TwoLipsReviews gives it 5 Lips:

“[Doctor, Doctor] is a really sweet book about two guys coming to terms with their relationship… I liked the connection between the characters and the story’s pace in this book. It really is a sweet romance.”

Tam from Brief Encounters says:

“…the sex between the two men is sizzling hot, Ryker being the more dominant one it seems in the bedroom. I enjoyed the setting as well and that bit of insularity you have being a foreigner and mostly spending time with your own kind. It’s definitely worth reading.”

4 Sweet Peas from Mrs. Condit and Friends Reviews:

“I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a quick but very thought provoking tale.”

Lynn from The Romance Reviews says:

Doctor, Doctor was one of my favorite stories in this collection [Emergency Servicing]. It explores the challenges of being gay in the military and relationships between different ranks. We also get to see the strain being in the closet can put on a relationship and a career…Very sweet.”


Coffee_Tea_and_the_Mile_High_Club200x3005 Lips from TwoLips Reviews:

Coffee, Tea and The Mile High Club, the first book in the “Love at 38,000 Feet” series by H.L. Holston, begins what  promises to be a very hot and sexy new series. I liked the sizzling chemistry between the characters in this book, I just know there are going to be many more stories in this series and I can’t wait to read them all.

Jake and Evan are attracted to each other but Jake is the more open person while Evan blows hot and cold at the same time. I think Jake brings out the naughty boy in Evan, which makes the resident goody-two-shoes, a little uncomfortable.

Watching Jake and Evan interact, and seeing how the story really ended made me want to read more of this series right away. If you want a story that will make you smile and want to read much more, then this is a must read for you!”

4 stars from Manic Readers:

“Coffee, Tea and the Mile High Club is a super short, fun read. The author clearly knows how hard flight attendants have to work, and it shows. There are a lot of characters for such a short story, but you won’t have any trouble keeping up. The story could have been cliché, but the superb writing and banter makes this one a great, quick read.”

5 Lips from TwoLips Reviews:

13063871  “In the Name of the Law is a book that deals with discovering yourself and becoming comfortable in your own skin. Mitch knows he’s gay; there’s no question in his mind about that. Ivan on the other hand can’t understand why he’s attracted to his partner and tries to drown his feelings with booze. When that doesn’t work, he tries to distract himself with women.

No matter how hard Ivan tries to fight what’s in his heart, he can’t. This is something he has to realize before he loses Mitch for good. The chemistry and heat between these two characters is hot and I really enjoyed this short story. Ivan and Mitch will have to discover a lot about themselves and their lives in order to make a relationship work.”

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