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Eleanor and I took a little break after RainbowCon from writing as she fell down and fractured her foot and wrist (her dominant hand) and I moved to a new city and job. But now that things seemed to have settled down, we’re back to writing.

Up next? A new novella for an anthology bundle with Sara York and a few other great author we bonded with at RainbowCon. (This bonding may or may not have included alcohol. *g*) The story is tentatively called, “Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris” and is about a self-absorbed actor going to extreme lengths to land a coveted movie role, which might include hiring a fake boyfriend to secure the job. I’m going to try and post a blurb soon. We’re half way through the first draft of this and the book will released in December or February.

Plus, fans of our Werewolves of Baltimore series, do not despair…Logan and Dylan should be back early next year as I’ve written 10,000 words of a proposed 25,000 book. We have not forgotten our shifter fans!

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I’m on my Facebook everyday, so stop by there and catch up. I’m listed under Sue Holston.

Emergency Servicing Pre-Orders


My new novella in the anthology, Emergency Servicing is available for purchase a month a head of schedule!

Total E Bound has posted on their web site: “Pre-order this book now, get a 10% discount and you will be able to download the book from your customer account IMMEDIATELY – without waiting for the official release date.”

Go HERE to buy!

Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

I seriously doubt Benedict C. is playing Khan now after watching the trailer. I think that was a total fake out by J.J. “I’m A Troll” Abrams. As a original Trek fanatic, I am going with the evil guy being Gary Mitchell. I think the character of Khan is too much of an icon to be messed with. Is it May 17th yet? *g*