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Release Day: Uniform Bundle


Let’s start the day off right! First, my new story, Hand-to-Hand (Wet SEAL #1) featured in the Uniform: A Man in Uniform Bundle is out today and available for purchase at Amazon, ARe and Smashwords for the CyberMonday sale price of $2.99.

Second, Hand-to-Hand got FOUR out of five stars at GayBook Reviews. Thank you, Gigi!

Third, to celebrate our new release, I’m lowering the price of Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris to $.99 for the ENTIRE month of December. Happy Holidays!


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We’ve gotten a couple of great reviews for The Moon’s Dirty Light. Here’s one I really liked. *g*

4 1/2 Stars from Barb at Live Your Life, Buy the Book:

“I really enjoyed this book! The whole world, with the Vamp and Were Councils and the peace treaty between the species, was classic paranormal fare…the book didn’t take itself too seriously. It was fun, funny and sexy as anything! Go. Buy the Book. You”ll love it!”


I will never understand why writers think reviews are about them. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: reviews are for readers, not writers. Trying to manipulate the system because someone did not like your book, is just not cool. I am very disappointed tonight.

RJ Scott Blog Hop: Bad Reviews?

ETA: Ooops, I posted two days too early. I am working this weekend, so forgive the mistake.

For R.J. Scott’s Blog Hop here.

As an author, I admit bad reviews are very hard to deal with. Yes, we all would like to get that 5-star review on Amazon, have everyone love our book, get a movie deal, date Rob Pattinson….

But 5-star reviews don’t happen every single time you publish, even Stephen King and Anne Rice get bad reviews. So, here are a few tips from a ‘professional’ reviewer (I’ve been doing it for nearly two years now on various book sites) who is also a new author on how to deal with those pesky reviews!


  • Ignore them. Yes, easier said than done, but the way to be the most professional author is to to just ignore them. This means not flaming the reviewer in public. (However, bitching to your friends in private is allowed. *g*)
  • Takes notes! Really. If a reviewer gives you an in-depth analysis of your book that is worth its weight in gold in my estimation. (“That sucked!” is not an in-depth analysis). Example: One of the worst reviews I got on GoodReads gave me insight on what not to write next time. I have thanked that reviewer multiple times. She caught mistakes my co-author and editors did not.
  • Stay off of GoodReads. That is a sure fire way to not see any ‘bad’ reviews. Yes, check out your friends’ books, but generally I avoid my books’ pages completely. (Although the first time I got published, I readily admit I cried over the first couple of negative reviews. But now I stay off that page completely.) Why? Concentrate on your current writing not your past projects.
  • Stay out of flame wars if friends get bad reviews. This should be self-explanatory. It never looks good for a new author to jump into a kerfluffle and attack other people. Never. Trust me, you don’t want to be on an ‘authors behaving badly’ shelf on GoodReads.
  • You are not your bad review!! Just because someone did not like the book you wrote doesn’t mean they dislike you. Perhaps your writing style did not suit them or perhaps they really did not enjoy the genre you write in. There are various reasons why a reader/reviewer doesn’t connect with a book and none of that is personal.
  • In the end, remember this mantra: Reviews are for readers, not authors and you will be fine!

    5 Lips for Coffee, Tea & the Mile High Club

    Wow, this was a great surprise. Coffee, Tea and the Mile High Club got 5 Lips from TwoLips Reviews (thanks, Tina).

    I quote from her review:

    “Coffee, Tea and The Mile High Club,” the first book in the “Love at 38,000 Feet” series by H.L. Holsten, begins what promises to be a very hot and sexy new series. I liked the sizzling chemistry between the characters in this book, I just know there are going to be many more stories in this series and I can’t wait to read them all.

    Jake and Evan are attracted to each other but Jake is the more open person while Evan blows hot and cold at the same time. I think Jake brings out the naughty boy in Evan, which makes the resident goody-two-shoes, a little uncomfortable.

    Watching Jake and Evan interact, and seeing how the story really ended made me want to read more of this series right away. If you want a story that will make you smile and want to read much more, then this is a must read for you!

    To check out those sexy flight attendants, go HERE to order.