These are the web pages and blog of USA Today Bestselling author, Holly (H.L.) Holston. In between working and volunteering, she occasionally writes romance books. More specifically M/M romances where hunky men fall in love — with each other — and live happily ever after.31IOPrCTvPL._UX250_

She’s a professional dog walker, a host mom to an amazing exchange student from Germany, a Bruce Springsteen fanatic and a ride-or-die Hufflepuff!

Her best selling Reverse Harem novels can be found under her Holly Holston pen name.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ry

    please tell me there will be a follow-up for the Law of the Jungle… I would love to know what happens with Henry and Blake

    1. hlholston Post author

      Did you get the free version from B&N, Smashwords or ARe? Because we finished the story and made it into an ebook. If you mean a sequel, no plans for that as we are currently working on a paranormal book. 🙂


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