The other day I joked to a friend that our new book hadn’t been pirated yet, and I didn’t know if that was bad or good news. *g* Well, as of today its bad news. From another friend, I found out The Moon’s Dirty Light was on a pirate site and had been illegally downloaded 54 times! I sent a DMCA/Copyright violation notice so the site would remove. They haven’t. That’s $323.46 dollars of revenue I’ve lost so far because the file sharing site won’t do the correct legal thing and remove my book.

I know some readers think authors whine about piracy too much. But when you realize that on average each m/m novel only makes $2000 for the author (poll on Reviews by Jessewave), three hundred dollars is a lot of revue to lose. Funny thing is I’d be willing to give away a copy of our book to a minority of readers who asked so they wouldn’t have to steal. What would I want in return? A fair and honest review on either GoodReads or Amazon.

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