Free Blog Read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 6

coverlawHappy New Year! I hope you had a great one. Eleanor and I are continuing with our short story, The Law of the Jungle. In this part, Henry and Blake go back to Blake’s penthouse and sexy times ensue (Not Work Safe). Enjoy!

* * *

The Law of the Jungle, Part 6

Henry had never seen anything like Blake’s penthouse. The same floor-to-ceiling windows that lined Blake’s office also lined his living room, affording a breathtaking view of Central Park and the city beyond. The furnishings were modern and obviously expensive, but not at all the lavish set up one would think a wealthy man like Blake would have. It was simple and comfortable, and Henry decided he liked it.

The bathroom, however, was another story. Luxurious to the point of near decadence, it was warm and inviting and fitted with the biggest tub that Henry had ever seen, complete with whirlpool jets. The shower was large as well with shower heads on three sides and one attached to the ceiling in the middle. It was easily big enough for two. His mouth dropped open at the sight.

With an indulgent chuckle, Blake said, “I save my extravagance for the things that really matter.”

He pulled Henry in for a searing kiss, and then lifted Henry’s t-shirt up and off. Henry sucked in a shaky breath as Blake slid his hands down his chest and trailed kisses down his throat. A moan escaped Henry’s lips as Blake trailed his hand slowly down Henry’s body to cup his half-hard cock through his jeans. He thought he might actually come just from the gentle squeezing. That would be embarrassing.

As if sensing Henry’s thoughts, Blake removed his hand, but Henry could feel his smile against his throat.

“I think,” said Blake, “that a shower would be a good way to start this off right.”

Henry could only agree. He couldn’t wait to see rivulets of water flowing down Blake’s broad, muscular chest which was now bare. In fact, Blake had stripped all the way down while Henry was still standing there gaping at the toned body Blake presented to him.

Smiling, Blake declared, “You’re still dressed.”

Looking down, Henry noticed that he was indeed still dressed and that needed to be corrected ASAP. He kicked off his shoes and reached for the snaps on his jeans. No, he decided, it was time to stop acting so ridiculous and ask for what he wanted.

Henry spread his hands out to his sides and thrust his hips forward. “Maybe if I had a little help?” he said with more boldness than he was actually feeling.

Blake’s eyes darkened with lust as he quickly undid Henry’s pants, kneeling as he yanked them down Henry’s long legs. After planting a delicate kiss to Henry’s belly, Blake rose and reached over to press a button. A cascade of water tumbled from the shower heads. Henry took Blake’s outstretched hand and joined him in the warm deluge.

They kissed, slick bodies pressed together as warm water caressed them from all sides. Henry clutched at Blake’s strong shoulders, shuddering with pleasure as their cocks stroked against one another.

Blake broke the kiss and palmed Henry’s ass to pull them even closer together. He reached down and drew Henry’s left leg up to wrap around his waist, holding his leg to keep Henry from falling. With his free hand, he caressed the small of Henry’s back and then slowly ran a finger down the cleft in his ass, pausing to rub over his hole. He did this over and over until Henry was a trembling mess, his arms locked around Blake’s neck, moaning out, “Oh god,” as if he were praying for salvation.

He thought his legs might give way.

Plus, the feeling of Blake’s finger dragging across his hole felt so amazing that he couldn’t wait to find out how it felt to have Blake’s cock in him. He had waited for this moment for so long…and Blake was the perfect man to take his virginity.

As Blake slowly slipped a finger inside, the intrusion caused him to tense up and gasp in pain rather than pleasure. Blake withdrew his finger immediately, let go of Henry’s leg and wrapped his arms around him to comfort Henry. He whispered, “Sorry, sorry,” into Henry’s hair.

“I’m thought you were ready,” Blake said gently when Henry lifted his head to look at him. His blue eyes held a sincere look.

“I thought I was, too,” Henry said shakily. How was he going to take Blake’s short, but wide cock if he couldn’t even take a finger? And it wasn’t even the whole finger!

“Relax, Henry. I think I can do something you’ll like much better.” Blake gripped Henry’s shoulders. “Turn around,” he said with a knowing wink.

Henry faced the shower wall; the water had cooled a little but it still stimulated as it peppered his skin. Blake plastered himself against Henry’s back, his cock nudging against his ass.

“Put your hands against the wall,” Blake said, then planted a kiss at the top of Henry’s spine. Henry obeyed, but the change in position left his ass sticking up in the air. Henry tried to shift his legs to relieve the vulnerable position, but Blake stopped him.

“No, no, stay just like that,” he said in between kisses that trailed down his spine. The last word was exhaled, Blake’s warm breath gusting against his cleft. With deft fingers, Blake pulled on his ass cheeks, exposing him. The incredible feeling of water trickling down his cleft was nothing compared to what he felt next. Something warm and slippery lapped against his opening before sliding inside.

“Holy shit!” Henry yelled. It was Blake’s tongue. Blake was using his tongue to stretched and open him up.

Blake withdrew his tongue, then threw back his head and laughed when Henry said, “Don’t stop! Jesus!”

Blake bent his head and went back to work, licking, sucking and pushing until Henry was pounding the tiles in the effort to keep his hand off his dick. But his orgasm was rushing at him.

“Fuck, I’m going to come.”

Removing his tongue long enough to say, “Do it,” Blake continued his ministrations, flicking his tongue rapidly against Henry’s hole. Henry barely had time to put his hand on his cock before he was coming so hard he thought he might actually pass out. White fluid splashed the wall, mixing with the now almost cold water.

As Henry fought to control his quivering body, still lost in the most violent orgasm he’d ever experienced, he could feel Blake’s presence behind him reminding him he was not alone. So when his legs stopped trembling, Henry turned and told the other man, “I think you’ve short-circuited my brain. I’ve only ever seen that done in gay porn!”

Blake laughed again, the gesture opening up his features and making him look younger and carefree, the exact opposite of the cold and unfeeling man Henry had seen in Blake’s office.

“Hopefully, after tonight, we’ll have knocked off some more of your gay porn viewing experiences.” Blake teased.

Henry smiled in response. They stared at each other for a long moment and allowed the sexual tension in the room build again. When Blake held out his hand, Henry took it, and Blake led him into the bedroom.

 * * *

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