Free blog read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 4

More from Henry and Blake. Just a little bit of a cliffhanger, but the following weeks will make up for it with sexytimes. 🙂 Thanks for continuing to read!

* * *

The Law of the Jungle (Part 4)

Blake was confused by the change; he thought Henry and he were on the same page about why they had come upstairs: sex. But from the look on Henry’s face, this wasn’t about to happen. Blake sighed. How come he always got the closet cases?

As a rule, Blake didn’t get involved with confused straight boys looking to experiment. He’d learned his lesson the hard way his sophomore year of college with Jeremy Winthrop. The Winthrop’s had money to rival the Rockefellers, which had been the reason Blake had been drawn to him at first. Jeremy didn’t need Blake’s money, he had his own, and it had been refreshing to have someone in his life who didn’t want to know him because of the Martin name.

Lovers for a semester, Blake had believed they were in love, but in reality he had been just a fling for his roommate. A way to pass the time until he got engaged to his girlfriend. The scorn on Jeremy’s face when Blake had pleaded for Jeremy to break off his engagement still was vivid. “You thought I loved you, Blake? It was just fucking. I’m not gay. I have a girlfriend.”

Just remembering Jeremy and his betrayal, made Blake angry all over again. How could he have been so wrong about Henry? In reality, Henry was just another Jeremy — out for himself.

Pulling away from Henry, Blake’s fury was evident in his next words, “I thought we wanted the same thing, Henry. I guess I was mistaken. Don’t worry, I can take care of this myself,” and Blake indicated his erection with one hand.

“Blake, I-” Henry stuttered and hesitated and quickly tucked himself back in his pants, his panic now full-fledged.

Not wanting to hear Henry’s excuses, they reminded him too much of another’s, Blake turned his back on the other man. Walking over to the far side of the room, he poured himself a drink from the liquor cart. The scotch felt numbing going down.

Fortified with liquid courage, Blake turned again and confronted Henry, looking him squarely in the eyes. However inside his emotions were swimming, swaying back and forth between hurt, pride and disappointment that Henry wasn’t as special as he’d originally thought.

They never are his inner demons screamed. Hadn’t Janet, his lying, deceitful, ex-wife proved that by sleeping with his best man only weeks after their lavish wedding? It was only after discovering them together that he’d realized he’d been duped and immediately divorced her, thanking his lawyers for getting her to sign that iron-clad pre-nup or she would have taken him to the cleaners. It was later he’d realized he’d married her so quickly after the Jeremy disaster that he’d been trying to prove he wasn’t gay. So after quickly having the marriage annulled, he’d come out to the press. No one would ever make him question his self-worth again. And certainly not some man-child who couldn’t decide which side of the fence he was on.

Closing his eyes, Blake waved the hand holding the glass of scotch and indicated the door, “Glad to have been of service, Henry, but I’m not into these types of games anymore. I like my relationships, even ones that are short-lived, to be mutually pleasurable. You got what you wanted. You wanted to see what it was like to have another guy suck your cock and you did. So, go back and tell your friends about it. Now, I suggest you leave.”

He waited for the inevitable sound of a door opening and closing, indicating Henry’s departure, but when that didn’t happen, Blake reluctantly opened his eyes to see Henry sitting on the couch across from him. “More games? You won’t like my games, Henry. I play hardball.”

Blake’s eyes narrowed and he gave the younger man a sweeping glance, gesturing with one look that he found Henry’s continuing presence an annoyance. However, the other man didn’t heed Blake’s warning and leave. Perplexed Blake glared again, this time staring directly into Henry’s flushed face. In that visage, he could see the uncertainty, agitation, and yes, desire on Henry’s face. The younger man was obviously uncomfortable, but then determination overcame his features.

Henry then surprised Blake when he finally spoke, firmly and strongly, “Not everything I wanted.”

Blake replied without inflection, “Your type doesn’t know what you want. Go home.”


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