Free blog read: The Law of the Jungle, Pt. 3

If you are still reading, thank you for keeping up with us. We won’t be having a chapter next week as it is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but we will return the following week. Sorry, but this installment sort of ends on a cliffhanger; however, it does have some sexy times, so maybe that makes up for it? *g* Enjoy!

* * *

The quick ride on the elevator upstairs only reinforced Blake’s desire to get Henry alone. The boy was simply beautiful. Out of the darkness of the club, Blake could see the perfectly sculptured body hidden underneath the plain white T-shirt. High cheekbones, golden skin and deep brown eyes completed the package. But despite the beauty, Blake could sense there was another special quality about Henry. Yes, he radiated a vitality that drew people in like a magnet, but he also had a kindness to his soul that Blake hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Delight filled Blake’s heart as he listened to Henry try and make small-talk about growing up on a farm, his apprehension evident in his tone as he stuttered out a childhood story, repeatedly looking to Blake for assurance that his tale wasn’t boring his companion.

Blake was soon caught up in Henry’s stories of his hometown in Nebraska. Plus the nervousness was endearing to Blake. He was used to being with men who were as jaded as him about sex. Henry’s shyness was a big turn-on.

Walking into his office, Blake gestured for Henry to follow him. When Henry was finally inside, the door closed behind them, Blake began to unbutton his shirt. When he was finished, he dropped the garment to the ground, all the while never taking his eyes off Henry. He could feel the other man’s stare — riveted on his bare chest. The explicit implication in that stare sent waves of excitement and anticipation through Blake.

Confidently, he strode over to Henry. “I could be wrong about you wanting this, but I don’t think I am,” Blake proclaimed as he pulled Henry roughly, almost violently into his arms, and covered Henry’s mouth with his.

The kiss wasn’t tender, but fierce and born of hunger. Henry’s mouth quickly became pliant under his, slowly responding to Blake’s caresses, first with trepidation, later emboldened with want, mouths tangled and dueled for dominance. Until Blake finally took control and deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue past Henry’s lips to stroke the other man’s tongue in a hot, wet kiss. Blake felt Henry’s equally hard male strength battle with his own, but in the end it was Henry who gave in, submitting to Blake.

Wanting to move this to the next level, Blake pushed Henry back against the glass in his office that over-looked his club. Stroking himself impatiently through his trousers, his other hand fumbled with Henry’s pants, trying to pull them down. Finally he was successful and Henry’s own hard-on was exposed.

Henry was big, beautiful and uncut. Blake licked his lips and sank to his knees, eager to wrap his lips around Henry’s luscious cock. Looking up, he saw Henry’s eyes were glazed over with passion and Blake felt a surge of pride at being able to reduce this boy to a trembling mass of want.

Henry made an appreciative sound when Blake wrapped his lips around his cock. Taking hold of Henry’s thrusting hips; Blake held them while sucking Henry’s cock until it slid easily between his lips. Blake continued to suck him hard, hollowing his cheeks to make it hotter and tighter. Blake could hear Henry moaning and see his head as it thumped against the glass, his expression a mixture of pleasure and pain.

He was so fucking hot like that, Blake wanted to chain him up and never let him leave the room.

Blake sucked Henry for many, long pleasurable moments until finally he felt the boy grow bigger in his mouth. Suddenly, Blake felt an explosion of heat against his tongue. Swallowing all Henry had to give, Blake realized he loved the unique taste of his lover’s semen and continued to milk Henry’s cock until there was nothing left. Letting Henry’s now flaccid dick slip out of his mouth, Blake slowly slid his body up Henry’s until they were once again pressed torso to torso, hip to hip.

Moving his hands from Henry’s hips to his silky hair, Blake tugged the other man closer, taking his lover’s mouth in a voracious kiss. Blake continued to plunder Henry’s mouth, until Blake had to break apart to breathe.

Moving his head away from Henry’s delectable lips, he whispered in his new lover’s ear, his voice hoarse with desire and need, “Now that you’ve had yours. I want mine. Let me fuck you, Henry.” And with that Blake pressed his own straining hard-on against Henry’s hip, providing evidence of his intentions.

Suddenly Henry went still in his arms and Blake saw an immediate tension overcome the other man’s face. The look wasn’t quite fear, but something close to that. Blake could see Henry was trying to speak, but no words came out, astonishment and apprehension instead clouding his eyes.

* * *

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