Welcome Scarlet Blackwell – Raise Your Glasses Tour

Hi, this is Scarlet Blackwell and I’m here as H.L.’s guest today to talk about my new release, Finding Eden.

The Clear Water Creek Chronicles are a trilogy of books, of which Into the Light is the first. It centers on Sheriff Sean Keller and the eighteen year old secret that haunts him in the shape of Eden Gray. Eden was the boy he bullied at school, the target of Sean’s torment and the recipient of something from Sean’s gang that he never intended.

When I wrapped up Into the Light, I knew Sean and Eden’s story needed to go further. They had much more to work out, plenty more emotions to be explored. So while books 2 and 3 of the Clear Water Creek Chronicles concern a new Sheriff, Brandon, Finding Eden is the sequel to Into the Light. As it’s using characters from Clear Water Creek in a new setting, it’s a spin off story of it’s own rather than part of the CWC series.

Here’s the blurb:

Eden Gray is traumatised from his rape eighteen years earlier and the part Sean Keller played in it isn’t easy to forget. Eden goes from happy to desperate within minutes, never sure how long a good mood will last. But he knows that he loves Sean with all his heart and wants to lay his ghosts to rest permanently.

Sean feels the same way. He treads on eggshells around Eden, afraid for his mental health and mindful of his suicide attempts. He has a hard time dealing with his guilt, and hates that it overshadows his love for Eden more often than not.

Something needs to happen to let them connect and bond permanently and bring them into the light…

Finding Eden was a challenging book to write. Going back to the psyche of Eden Gray was a dark place. Some people found Into the Light too controversial for which I make no apology. I write about real people, real emotions and real tragedies. I don’t write cardboard characters and sugar and spice.

Finding Eden sees Eden still battling his demons, still looking to accept the part the man he loves played in his attack. The book’s more explicit than Into the Light. There’s violence, angst and a little light spanking. This book isn’t for everybody, but if you enjoyed Into the Light, hopefully it will wrap the tale up nicely for you.

M/M Good Book Reviews gave the following 5 star review:

“Finding Eden is a very well-written and character driven love story. Such a gripping and heartfelt story of two men with secrets in their past and a love/hate relationship that is to die for…I highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a very intense romantic love story. Several twists and turns, really hot sex scenes, a little light BDSM , men in uniform, and very well put together characters. I just swoon for Sean.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Sean stirred as fingers of light shone through the thin curtains. Eden lay deeply asleep beside him, breathing garlic over him. Sean smiled. He guessed they both stank this morning. It had been a great day yesterday, the best they had ever had together so far, even if the conflict had always been present. By the time he held Eden in his arms at bedtime though, conflict had been put firmly back in its box for another day. They could do this, he was sure of it.

The bruise on Eden’s neck had changed colour, to bluish purple. Sean looked at it with regret. It might have been made in the heat of the moment and Eden might not have complained but it wasn’t okay to mark him this way. He had to remember who Eden was; the man who needed tenderness and soft touches, no matter how hard he begged Sean to fuck him.

He sighed, rolling closer to his lover, tracing fingers down one muscular thigh.

Eden shifted, his thick lashes fluttered up. He smiled sleepily. “Morning, gorgeous.”

Sean glowed. He pressed a reverent kiss to Eden’s lips.

“Whoa, you stink of garlic.”

“So do you.”

Eden laughed. He rubbed his nose against Sean’s lazily. “That was some night last night, Sean.”

“I know, the pasta was great.”

Eden thumped him on the back. “I was thinking more of the way you screwed me senseless when we got back.”

“That was great too.”

“You make me forget everything when you fuck me.”

Sean didn’t say anything. He stared into Eden’s yellowish, animal-like eyes and flinched as a sudden flashback hit him. Him pinning Eden against the wall outside class, telling him, You’re a dead man.

He turned his face away, eyes squeezed shut.

“What’s the matter?”

Sean couldn’t speak.

“Was it a flashback? I have them too.”

Sean glanced at him. “I shouldn’t have them. I’m not the one it happened to.”

Eden shrugged. “You saw something terrible. You’re marked in some way.”

Sean slid from the bed. He went into the bathroom and closed the door. He peed and then brushed his teeth, trying to avoid the haunted eyes in the mirror. His actions had brought the rape upon Eden. He had grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall outside class, telling him he was a dead man as though he knew what his friends were going to do to Eden that night. He had wished it upon him and then he had stood and watched like the destruction of someone else’s life didn’t concern him.

He hadn’t meant for that to happen. Oh God, not ever.

Sean used some mouthwash and then he sat on the edge of the tub, trembling. A light tap came at the door.

“Are you okay?”

“You can come in.”

Eden pushed the door open looking wary. When he saw Sean, he came forwards, stood between his legs and embraced him, holding Sean’s head against his chest.

Sean clutched at his naked body. Eden’s skin was so soft and warm. He smelt so good. He was the most perfect specimen of masculinity that ever existed and yet… Sean and his friends had made him into half a man.

* * *

The buy link to Silver Publishing is here.

If you like your romance a little dark and want to win a PDF copy, please leave a comment below. You will also be entered in the $20 gift card giveaway. Winner drawn at random late Thursday. Thanks for looking.


20 thoughts on “Welcome Scarlet Blackwell – Raise Your Glasses Tour

  1. yganoe

    I just bought the book and later today plan on doing some Mother’s Day reading…after all it technically is my day 🙂

      1. Scarlet Blackwell

        Hi Kimberly your name was the one picked from my office floor at random this afternoon! Congratulations and check your inbox. 😉

  2. L

    I’m not sure how dark i like my books, probably almost white and fluffy!, but the excerpt made me want to put the entry in for the comp.

    1. Scarlet Blackwell

      Hello L, I think I do have some white and fluffy books… actually I can’t think of any. Win this book at your peril 😉

  3. Ashley E

    Into the Light and Finding Eden sound like amazing books. Real emotions and real people…

  4. Juliana

    I love books that have some darkness to them, life isn’t all unicorns and butterflies. Iwpuldlove to read this book, of course now this means I need to read the first one!
    OceanAkers @ aol.com

    1. Scarlet Blackwell

      I’m glad you like the darkness Juliana. The only catch with winning this book is you do kind of need to read Into the Light first. Thanks for entering.

  5. arella3173

    I recently finished reading Into the Light, and I fell deeply in love with the story. I like stories that have a darker edge to it because life is darker than rainbows and sunshine. I absolutely loved it and I am so anxious to get Finding Eden.
    Ooh~ I want it BAD! lol…
    thank you for the contest and blog tour! 🙂



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