Coffee, Tea & the Mile High Club pre-order

I just found out today that Coffee, Tea and the Mile High Club is available for pre-order on Silver Publishing’s web site HERE. It comes out May 5, 2012 and the price is $1.99!

Also saw that at least 7 people have pre-ordered it and I don’t know any of those people. Yeah. Strangers like me! *g* (I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars.)

Here’s the blurb:

International flight attendant Jake Watson jets from Dallas to Tokyo with his boss and secret crush, lead flight attendant Evan Parker. Evan’s frosty glares and snarky comments have held Jake’s feelings at bay for months. Because Evan hates Jake — or does he?

While the plane cruises high over the Pacific, Evan proves Jake’s secret crush isn’t so secret or as unwelcome as he’d believed. Can Jake’s fire melt Evan’s ice? Their layover in Tokyo is Jake’s chance to sneak past his boss’s defenses and possibly into his bed. Will Jake crash and burn with Evan, or will they find love at 38,000 feet?

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